Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Inside the GOP’s plans to raid the Treasury to enrich private companies
"President-elect Donald Trump, however, wants to break this link between risk and reward — that is, he wants to make taxpayers pay for roads that, ultimately, will be owned by private companies. And he’s not alone. The Republican Medicare plan jacks up the cost of caring for seniors, while enriching hospitals and insurance companies in the process. The Republican “replacement” for Obamacare, to the extent that such a thing even exists, helps insurance companies maximize their profits while taking away their obligation to cover people with expensive conditions. The Republican Medicaid plan could allow states to shunt Medicaid dollars to private plans that provide less coverage at a higher cost. It’s a great time to be alive — if you happen to run a company that’s positioned to cash in on this bonanza. Sure, it also means less health care for the most vulnerable Americans, less spending for the public good, and less public control over infrastructure such as roads and bridges once the Trump administration is over. But if you want to get rich providing inferior services for a government subsidy, now is the time to cash in!"