Thursday, May 4, 2017

With Le Pen, Trump (and Putin) Are Still Pushing Fascist 'Nationalism' @alternet

With Le Pen, Trump (and Putin) Are Still Pushing Fascist 'Nationalism' @alternet:

"Fascist themes have emanated from Trump and his circle almost from the beginning of his presidential campaign. His chief strategist, Bannon, seems drawn to fascist ideologues such as the late Julius Evola and Putin's "philosopher" Alexander Dugin, who has cemented Russian ties with Golden Dawn and declared that "American liberalism (i.e., democracy) must be destroyed." And among Trump's national security aides is a former Jobbik politician, Sebastian Gorka, who has sported the insignia of a Nazi Hungarian militia. In short, there is an obvious reason why the Trumpists would feel affinity toward the Kremlin, whose political think tanks, intelligence agencies, and foreign propaganda machinery went so far to help elect the Republican last year. The stakes of the investigation into Russia's illegal intervention in the 2016 election keep rising, and may well swell again with the French election. Nobody should maintain any illusions about who Trump and his cronies are, what interests they serve, and what kind of threat they pose to the future of the democratic world."