Thursday, May 18, 2017

Without a Doubt, Donald Trump is Our Top National Security Threat — Period
"It’s not just that he’s a complete idiot who clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing, that in and of itself is bad enough. Then we have to factor in that our allies and enemies alike know this. Not only do adversaries such as Russia know they can easily manipulate his massive, insecure ego, but our allies are going to start pulling back from sharing information with us because they don’t trust him with it. Meanwhile, there’s still that “little” thing about Trump being part of the focus of an on-going investigation by U.S. intelligence officials looking into whether or not his campaign committed treason during last year’s election by colluding with Russian agents. We can add this to the ever-growing list of things we know about Trump that prove he’s completely unfit to lead this country. Such as saying he didn’t know being president would be so hard, apparently needing the Chinese president to explain to him why the situation with North Korea is so incredibly complex, and the sad reality that he still doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that, as “Commander-in-Chief” everything he says, even on Twitter, matters. Supporting someone to sit behind that desk in the Oval Office is about much more than simply liking their ideas or backing a certain political party. It’s about making sure, at the very least, the person living in the White House understands the basics of what it takes to be president. There are millions of people who, just like Trump, believe many of the same asinine things as he does. And, just like Trump, they have absolutely no business being this nation’s president. This isn’t about last year’s election, Democrats vs. Republicans, or even loathing Donald Trump — this is about this nation being led by someone who, through sheer incompetence alone, has become our top national security threat."