Friday, June 9, 2017

After Comey’s Testimony, There’s No Denying it: Trump Tried to Obstruct Justice
"To look at the context of what took place between Trump and Comey, it’s abundantly clear what happened: He passively aggressively threatened Comey’s job. Made it clear to Comey that he expected “something” (Comey’s words) because he kept him on as head of the FBI. After passively aggressively threatening his job, made it clear he demanded loyalty from Comey. Almost always spoke to Comey in private meetings where nobody else was around. During a meeting where he cleared the room of everybody, including the attorney general, he then told Comey he “hoped” he’d “let the criminal investigation into Flynn go.” Repeatedly put pressure on him to make public remarks about the active investigations which he wasn’t comfortable making. Fired him once he realized Comey wasn’t going to do what he wanted. Publicly threatened Comey on Twitter about possibly recording their conversations in what appeared to be a blatant attempt to keep him from talking about what they had discussed. Trump then admitted during an interview that Russia played a part in his decision to fire Comey. Trump isn’t a very intelligent person, but he is smart enough to know that you don’t directly order the head of the FBI to do anything. However, he clearly felt he could get away with making passive aggressive threats against Comey’s job security, spending weeks trying to put pressure on and intimidate the former head of the FBI hoping that he’d do what he wanted, then firing him (following through on his passive aggressive threats) for refusing to show “loyalty” by giving into his demands."