Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trump budget devastates science and research spending
"The people who will take those cuts on the chin include huge swaths of Trump’s own voters, the very people he promised time and time again to help. But aside from that betrayal, American Greatness Trump-style will carve a cool billion away from the National Cancer Institute and a half billion more from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Heart disease and cancer alone are responsible for almost half the deaths in the US, knocking off well over a million people per year, making them roughly ten-thousand times more deadly to US residents than terrorism.  The CDC will see more than a billion gutted off the top and the National Science Foundation will have about three-quarter billion sliced away. The National Institute of Health overall will be “right-sized” from $31.8 billion to $26 billion. Environmental science is likewise being impacted while simultaneously being taken apart from the top down by industry-friendly appointees who hate the agencies they run. You voted for hard times, Trump voters. This budget is just one of many ways the GOP is going to try and deliver."