Sunday, June 4, 2017

Trump has put incredible effort into trying to crush the investigation into his Russia connections
"Maybe we should be glad the Trump White House is so intent on stopping the investigation into election mangling by Russia. First, because we’ve definitely reached that point where the cover-up is beginning to generate more heat than the crime—which is a considerable achievement when you consider the crime. However, the larger reason to be grateful for their obsessions is because if the Trump regime had put the same level of effort into their program of jack-booted kleptocracy that they’ve invested trying to knock down investigations, we’d be much further down Disaster Road. In a way, Trump–Russia has served as a punching bag for America, absorbing the blows that we would have otherwise have taken in programs destroyed and national parks sold off. But seeing the blows land one at a time, it’s sometimes hard to recall the variety or extent of Trump’s war on the investigation. The pattern is increasingly clear: As investigations into the Trump campaign's ties to and possible collusion with Russia have intensified, so too have efforts by the president and his staff to quash those probes or put pressure on US officials to publicly deny the validity of the swirling allegations. No matter how many times Team Trump tries to pretend in public there’s nothing to this investigation, in private they are all too aware that there is very much something behind it—something that’s a serious threat to Trump and those around him. So they fight hard and dirty to end the investigation before it can roll to its inexorable conclusions. And when you put it all together, the list of steps that Trump has taken in an attempt—a sometimes successful attempt—to derail the investigation is amazing."