Saturday, June 3, 2017

Why Aren't People Asking What Russia's Interference Says About The GOP's Modern Policy Agenda?
"It’s time to stop tiptoeing around the full scope of what we should have learned by now about what the Russian hack of our election says about the modern Republican party. If we’re going to prevent Russia’s vision for America’s downfall from coming to fruition, we must face the reality that Russia and men like Paul Ryan (and probably your cousins in flyover country, for example) have the same plan for our country: dismantle our government until our society collapses on itself like it almost did in 2008… and then let rightwing elites rebuild the world in their own diseased image. Just ask the alt-right. They’ll openly admit it, so let’s not pretend conservative Libertarians are naive. Those who vote for Republicans might as well be voting for Putin’s vision for America. They’re literally on the same page, only America’s in some kind of collective denial. There is no evidence that the Republican party has more than one or two token members who care more about America’s national security than drowning our government. In a reality-based society, this would clearly signal the deathnail in the legitimacy of our two party system. A two party system can’t have one party dedicated to that country’s downfall, or repeated events like 2008 will eventually bring it down. Nevertheless, it’s our modern reality, and we must face all of it, not just the contrived peepholes into this story that we’re looking through thanks to the media’s cliff note version of what has happened. Putin didn’t do this merely because of Hillary Clinton and as retribution for 2011. If you believe that fairy tale, then we’ve already lost to Russia, because it would mean that only our intelligence agencies are willing to face reality. If our people can’t face what we’re up against, our intelligence agencies can’t protect us forever. We know this to be true after the 2016 election. If there isn’t the political will to face this, then our intelligence agencies will be hamstrung and made ineffectual."