Saturday, August 5, 2017

Here’s The Explosive Russia Testimony You Missed Whilst Distracted By ‘The Mooch’
"Browder’s testimony, which received relatively little coverage, is extraordinary with a senator calling it one of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s “most important” hearings. In it he describes a Russian system of government that operates in the shadows using corruption, blackmail, torture and murder - all led by Vladimir Putin. Browder said: “Effectively the moment that you enter into their world, you become theirs.” Browder was a very successful businessman operating in Russia and was on friendly terms with Putin but this all changed when he and his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, uncovered evidence of a huge $230 million corruption scandal. The pair reported it to the Russian authorities: “And we waited for the good guys to get the bad guys.  “It turned out that in Putin’s Russia, there are no good guys.” Instead of investigating the allegations Browder was himself accused of tax evasion and was barred from reentering Russia after travelling abroad on business. Magnitsky was jailed and is believed to have been beaten to death in 2009."