Friday, November 18, 2016

This Isn't About Partisan Bickering. This Is About Protecting Civil Rights.
"The latest news from Camp Runamuck down in Manhattan is that, somewhere in what the late Gram Parsons undoubtedly would have recognized as a Gilded Palace of Sin, a craftsman's hands have cleverly taken the basket of deplorables and fashioned it into an entire Cabinet of Deplorables. There really is some art in how the minions of El Caudillo del Mar-A-Lago have managed to make a Wednesday that was worse than Tuesday was, a Thursday that was worse than the Wednesday was, and a Friday that, long before noon, was the worst goddamn day of a godawful week. I mean, they call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday was just as bad. And so on. Before we get to the proposed elevation of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions to the position of Attorney General which, in 2016, is like hiring Hannibal Lecter as your chief of thoracic surgery, and even before we get to the fact that the president-elect's National Security Adviser is a walking ad for the finest in tinfoil pillbox hats, let's pause and reflect on the fact that the brain trust has decided to hand the CIA over to Congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas, who has to dial one and an area code in order to contact crazy."