Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump spokeswoman says Americans should ignore conflicts-of-interest, focus on Trump’s ‘sacrifice’

"Unlike previous presidents, who have placed their assets in index funds or a blind trust, Trump has done nothing to separate himself from his business interests as he assumes control of the government. He’s previously said he would turn his businesses over to his children. Trump has referred to this arrangement as a “blind trust” but it’s actually the opposite. In a real blind trust, in a neutral party takes control of marketable assets. Because the administrator can trade these assets away at anytime, the contents of the trust are soon unknown. Trump, however, knows what his assets are, and says he’s giving them to his children — hardly a neutral party. As Conway say, he has been their mentor — and not only are they his business colleagues, he’s made them part of his transition as well. Trump gave his children — supposedly the new stewards of his personal empire — high-profile positions on his transition team. The same people shaping his administration are also the ones leading his business empire. And he’s not hiding this web of conflicts — instead the Trump team is flaunting it."