Sunday, July 30, 2017

Angry Republicans Demand the Congressional Budget Office Start Using Republican Math
"It's not hard to see why Republicans have declared war on the CBO; there's not a single item on the GOP's economic agenda that's not a disaster for 99% of America's population. Their assault on healthcare would strip coverage from millions of the most vulnerable while giving the rich billions of dollars. Their tax reform would cut taxes a little bit for the middle class and give the rich billions of dollars. Their budget would cut Medicare and Social Security while giving the rich billions of dollars. Their version of infrastructure spending would give the rich billions of dollars. Are you sensing a theme here? One can only wonder if Republicans could find a way to use something unrelated to the budget, like immigration, to give the rich billions of dollars. Oh wait, they did exactly that. But remember, Trump won partly because of his populist message. Yes, his racism and sexism were the biggest draws but he promised to stick it to the rich as well and that resonated with his base. He's not going to do that, of course, but so far he's immune to the repercussions of ignoring his economic populism. Republicans are not. If everything Republicans do coddles the rich (and it does), the already extremely angry base will not let it slide much longer. The worst part about this is the current head of the CBO was appointed by Trump and his administration. Yet they can't stop attacking him for doing his job honestly. That should tell you everything you need to know about the current toxic nature of the Republican Party. Facts are literally the enemy and be it the press, the CBO, the EPA or any other group that refuses to bend to the lies of the GOP, they just gotta go. So how does one make the CBO stop making with the inconvenient math? The current solution is to force the CBO to use "alternative facts"."