Sunday, July 30, 2017

We Should Expect the Worst When it Comes to Trump's Despotism as Trump-Russia Heats Up
"Trump is a frightened toddler and will do anything he can to keep himself, his family and his closest advisers out of prison -- though he probably won't go to bat for his advisers as much as they'd like to think. We can definitely count on the fact that Trump will take whatever actions he sees fit to shield himself from comeuppance. I'd rank his eventual actions in the fact of indictments as being among the biggest threats to national security and American democracy.  Make no mistake, the president will push far beyond the limits of presidential powers in order to sidestep justice in the Trump-Russia affair. He'll absolutely fire Robert Mueller sooner or later -- probably sooner. We can also expect that he'll pardon himself, only to be reversed by the Supreme Court. But will he even obey the Court's decision? Maybe, maybe not, but the smart move would be for all of us to expect the worst from this erratic monster. I'd go so far as to forecast that he'd even use the military to shield himself from being removed from office. Of course Fox News and most of Trump's loyal fanboys will support whatever he does because f*** democracy. One way or another, if he's proven to be as guilty as we all believe he is, then he must be hastily stripped of the presidency. And if he resists, we're in for a hell of a nightmare."