Monday, July 10, 2017

4 Times Trump Has Inspired Widespread Speculation About His Cognitive Decline @alternet

4 Times Trump Has Inspired Widespread Speculation About His Cognitive Decline @alternet:

"Donald Trump has spent more than 20 percent of his presidency on the golf course, and this past weekend was no exception. After three days of hitting balls around at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the president finally decided to return to Washington, D.C. on Monday. Footage of Trump’s arrival shows him exiting Air Force One, then descending the stairs leading from the plane to the tarmac, where a limousine festooned with American flag awaits. But instead of climbing inside, Trump wanders off in a different direction, taking several steps off course before a Secret Service agent can corral him. It’s an odd moment, one in which Trump briefly appears befuddled and out of sorts. The president’s confusion has only fueled further speculation about his cognitive decline. 1. He also wandered off in the middle of a foreign press event Trump met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in May at a joint press conference. In the middle of the event, as Netanyahu stood for photos, Trump got up from his chair and wandered away from the Israeli leader. A few seconds later, staffers ushered him back toward where he should have been standing. 2. He forgot to sign an executive order at an executive order signing press event Back in April, Trump invited media to watch as he signed two orders focused on trade. He gave brief remarks at the event, then left the podium, absentmindedly opened a door and started for another room. Mike Pence had to tap the president on his way out to remind him about the unsigned orders. After a brief discussion, Trump continued walking, and Pence followed him out the door with the paperwork."