Saturday, July 15, 2017

Conservative David Frum: Donald Trump has made liars out of all Republicans
"what Donald Trump has reduced the Republican Party to and why. "Well I mentioned in an earlier segment how completely disoriented Republicans are this week," David Frum said. "I mean it is a bizarre thing if you're following social media or watching Fox News to watch some of the very cynical reactions. But understand the rug has been pulled out of everybody.Donald Trump has done to the entire Republican Party what he's so often done to his designated White House spokesman. He has made liars out of all of them. They have for months been repeating no evidence of collusion, no evidence of collusion, it's a hoax, it's a made-up story. And today Donald Trump is saying it's fine. Actually, it's all true. And it was a good thing. And anybody would do it. And now how does a Paul Ryan react? What is the answer he can give? He doesn't know where this story goes. The story can only get bigger. He must sense he is in a race against time to pass the measures he wants to pass before the bottom falls out. And he must also sense he's losing that race against time"."